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Why is it Important To Travel Overseas with an “International Driver License”?

An International Driving Permit (IDP) is mandatory for foreigners who want to legally drive a motorized vehicle overseas. An International Driver License provides travelers more advantages and peace of mind when dealing with local authorities. It is also important for renting a car.

Traveling abroad is a pleasant experience, and at the same time, it is necessary to check all the necessary documents for the destination. Some countries or regions require specific documentation like a valid passport and visa to pass immigration. On the other hand, other documentation such as an International driver license is required for travelers that involve driving on their trip. Moreover, self driving with family is more fun than hiring a local driver. It will be cheaper and more exciting. However, traveling and driving a car overseas with an International Driving License is mandatory, and it is proof of one’s ability to drive a motorized vehicle.

The International Driving Permit (IDP) or International Driving License is a valid documentation and translation of a national driving license. This document allows holders to drive motor vehicles in countries that recognize the document. International Driving Permit is recognized by over 180 countries in the world. The holders of this document have many advantages as follow:

International Driving Permit is Valid Document
While not all countries accept an International Driving Permit, most countries in the world recognize an International Driving Permit as a valid driver’s license. Travelers with an International Driving License can legally drive a vehicle in countries that accept an IDP (International Driving Permit). Driving in other countries has different rules. Even if travelers have a valid International driving license, they should also be aware of the local regulations.

IDP is mandatory for renting a vehicle
Traveling to other countries for vacation, visiting families, sightseeing, and learning about other cultures will be more delightful with a car rental. In addition, travelers must prove their International Driving License before renting a car. Most car rental companies prohibit foreigners from renting their cars without a valid International Driver’s License.

Provide Peace of mind with an International driver license in hand
Going everywhere in other countries will give you peace of mind with an International Driving License. In case of a traffic violation or accident, the traveler is on the right side of the law with a driver’s license in hand. And this document will help to reduce the risk of being fined.

Translation of Domestic Driving License
The International Driving License provides translations of driving licenses in several different languages. This document includes identification details in many languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, French, and many others.

renting a car in a foreign country

Know Your Insurance Options Before Renting

Car renters have a lot of choices when it comes to insurance. They can either buy their insurance or rent one from the car rental company. But before renting, you should be aware of what your options are and what is available.

Some car renters may want to buy their policy while others may want to rent one instead. Buying your policy typically costs less than renting one, but it also means that you will have a difficult time finding the right coverage for your needs. In contrast, renting an insurance policy is convenient and will offer you the coverage that you need without any hassle.
While these two options are not mutually exclusive, they do present different pros and cons for different types of car renters.

1Choose Your License
2Driver Information
3Payment & Shipping

Finding an Accurate Price on Rental Cars:

Finding an accurate price for a rental car can be difficult, especially when you want to book a cheap international rental.
The price estimate feature on Expedia allows you to easily find the best deals for your desired travel destination. You can also use this tool to compare prices from various providers and get a general idea of what the market price is for that particular location.

renting a car in a foreign country

What to Do if You Accidentally Damage Your Vehicle While Renting It Out

The short answer is that you will need to pay for the damages. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start paying for the damages. First, if the rental company agrees to cover the cost of repairs and maintenance, then they will have no right to charge you for any repairs or service.
Second, if you have insurance on your vehicle and it covers rental cars as well as car rentals, then they will be able to charge you only up to their insurance limit of $1,000. Thirdly, if your vehicle is still under warranty when the accident occurred and it was damaged during a rental period where there was no mileage logged on the odometer (or at least not enough mileage logged), then a rental company may give you a rental car, free of charge if your vehicle is deemed to be “unscathed.”
In some instances, the rental company will give you an estimate of how much the repair would cost so that you can decide whether or not to accept the offer.

Final Notes:

If you are traveling to a foreign country, it is best to rent a car in a foreign country. It will save you time and hassle. But if you have never rented a car in a foreign country, you might be wondering how it works. If you’re planning on renting a car in another country, you must be aware of the different options you have. Many rental companies offer international rentals, but some are better than others.