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International Driving License (IDP)
International Driving License (IDP)

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Dо yоu hаve аn internаtiоnаl driving license (IDР)?

Sоme fоreign соuntries will let yоu drive оn their rоаds with аn Indiаn driving liсense fоr а сertаin аmоunt оf time (аnywhere between а week аnd severаl mоnths), mаny оthers require thаt yоu саrry аn International Driving License (IDP) аlоng with yоur dоmestiс оne. Getting аn IDР in Indiа саn be а сumbersоme рrосess, with а fаir аmоunt оf рарerwоrk invоlved, sо keeр this in mind befоre yоu mаke а deсisiоn.

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International Driver’s Permit

The International Driving Permit (IDP) is a United Nations Convention and a legal necessity for any driver aiming to cross their home country borders using a car. It is a globally recognized driving license translation and is lawfully operated by 186 countries. Owning one will permit automobiles outside of their home county without the need for additional exams or applications.

The International Driving License (IDP), valid for one year, proves that you have a valid driver’s license in the country where you are now residing in the United States. It may protect you and your family in the case of an accident involving a car while traveling or the loss of official identification such as a passport while traveling.

Why IDP is Essential?

The International Driving License is recognized around the globe. It is offered in ten different languages to assist in overcoming language problems. The principal purpose of the International Driving Permit (IDP ) is to enable law enforcement and other authorities in other

Some people often get confused between an International Driving License (IDP) and an international driving permit. However, these two terms are basically the same thing, yet the latter is the legalized name used by authorities. So International Driving Permit is what you will see on your license.

Requirements for International Driving Permit

The International Driving License (IDP) or simple IDP includes your full name, photo, age, your driving license information. It will also state that you are at least 18 years of age, and your driver’s license is valid for at least six months to come to your home country where it is issued. Translate your national driving license into ten different languages to ease communication into foreign countries.

To obtain one in the U.S. you may request it from a governmental and private organization that will facilitate the process for you.


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